1939-08 (August)




My Dear Parishioners,

There are very few people who are not concerned at the present world outlook and an increasing number are emphasising that a spiritual revival is the primary need. Too many people have left God out of account. Sunday is not being observed as it should be with the result that spiritual power is not being set free. Results of permanent value for humanity can come from spiritual forces alone. The last twenty-five years proclaim the futility of trying to build a world on the shifting sands of human expediency. The challenge, and the need, is to build on the rock which is Christ.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,




The Bible Class dance held on 1st July provided one of the most successful ever held. There was a record attendance and a very happy time was enjoyed by all. In response to many requests the Bible Class are holding another dance in September.

St Matthew’s Girls’ Club maintained their reputation in their annual concert, presented on August 2nd. An excellent programme was given and provide a real tonic. These talented girls are to be congratulated on the excellent standard attained.

An appreciated and inspiring musical service of praise was given by our choir on Sunday, 30th July. Such services are a real help to worship and parishioners are grateful to the Choir for their great work.

Congratulations are extended to the St. Matthew’s Church team for their splendid play presented at the recent drama festival. Their success in winning the festival was well-deserved and popular. Mrs E. J. Rich was the producer.

In the Opera House, on the evening of Thursday, 17th August, St. Matthew’s Collegiate School for Girls present their annual drill display and concert. This is always a splendid evening and this year’s concert should more than maintain the high standard the school has gained.

St Matthew’s Church was filled for the special service at 11 a.m. on Sunday, 6th August, to mark the 25th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War. The Legion of Frontiersmen and the R.S.A. marched to Church led by the College Band. The service was indeed inspiring and worthy of the occasion and will long be remembered by all who took part in it.

After Evensong on Sunday, 9th July, the Choir met for supper to bid farewell and to make a presentation to Miss Grace Hopkins, a faithful member, who has left for Auckland. Before her departure, presentations were made also by the Sunday School teachers and the Girls’ Club.

All at Sedgley are very grateful to the ladies who knitted the splendid cardigans for the boys. That must have been a tremendous job, but the result of their labour of love is certainly appreciated. The wool was obtained by the kindly thought of the Rev. E. M. McLevie.

We are very grateful for an anonymous donation of £40 to Parish Funds, allocated as follows: Deficiency Fund, £10; Grounds Improvement Fund, £10; Junior S.S. Building Fund, £10; Masterton West Building Fund, £10.

At Evensong on the the Sundays in August, the Vicar will preach a course of sermons dealing with “Characteristics of Jesus.”



A happy and successful social evening organised by the Epiphany Guild was held in hall on Thursday, 3rd August. We are grateful to all who helped.

On Tuesday, 15th August, at 8 p.m., the Guild invites everybody to be present in the Epiphany Hall, when St Matthew’s Girls’ Club, will present their concert, which proved such a bright and happy evening when given in the Parish Hall.



Mrs Weston 5/1; Mrs A. Beetham, 4/-; Mrs McMaster, Miss Taxford, 3/6 each; Miss Wyber, 3/-; Canon Turner, Mesdames Ward, Tildesley, 2/6 each; Mrs J. H. Caldwell, 2/-



We are very grateful to all who have responded to the call to enable us to meet the deficiency caused by the fall of income from our endowment from £300 last year to £284 this year. A large proportion of this loss has now been met and we are confident that the rest will be provided soon. We want to get our finances on a sound basis and those who have not yet done so are asked to join the band of envelope subscribers or else the band of annual subscribers. If that is done by all, as it has already been done by many, then this set-back which has come to us will eventually result in the strengthening of our parish. Just notify Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street, that you will join the envelope system of free-will offerings, or Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street, that you wish to become an annual subscriber.



It is vital that no child should miss instruction in the faith. In no other way can a strong character be developed or children given the help which will enable them to face the temptation of life. Parents of children in the country unable on account of distance to attend Sunday School are urged to take immediate advantage of the Mail-Bag Sunday School.  Splendid lessons are given by post and the teachers take a personal interest in the children. The Vicar will be glad to give further particulars of this fine system.



At the July meeting, the Rev. T. V. Pearson gave an interesting talk on some matters brought before the recent Clergy School. A good discussion followed. At the August meeting, the Rev. E. J. Rich gave a report on the recent Dominion Conference at New Plymouth and Messrs R. I. Wadhams and W. L Hunter reported on the recent Diocesan Conference at Lower Hutt. These reports revealed real progress and encouragement. The Society has a great part to play in strengthening spiritual forces and so helping to bring about the spiritual revival needed desperately today. Our Branch meets at 7.45 p.m. in the Common Room of the Parish Hall on the first Monday of each month, and there is an open invitation to all men to join our ranks.



The Church on earth is poorer for the passing of Mrs R. Weston and of Mrs Kummer. Mrs Weston, ever since her arrival in Masterton, has taken an active part in the life of our parish. She loved her Church and no effort made lacked her enthusiastic and willing help. Her early death came as a great shock but she has left behind her the memory of a gracious life of unselfish service. To her husband, mother and young children, deepest sympathy is extended.

All her life Mrs Kummer worked for the Church she loved. In early days at Tinui she was a tower of strength and her faith sustained her to the end. For many years she had been an invalid and now she has earned her rest in the nearer presence of God she loved. The world is a better place for the faithful service of pioneers like Mrs Kummer. Sincere sympathy goes out to all the relatives.



Following upon Synod, our Bishop’s Helpers have had their meeting and the second year of the campaign has started. The first twelve months has seen about half the money required raised--truly a magnificent result. But much remains to be done. It is hoped to have the foundation stone of the Cathedral laid by the H.R.H. the Duke of Kent, in November of next year. To attain our objective we want the help of every member of the Church, and we in Masterton must do our share. All are asked to help now. A worthy Cathedral is going to make a great difference to the life of our Dominion, and the site, next to Parliament Buildings, will show that we want God to be at the centre of our national life. It will be a great thing if we can feel that every member of the Church of England has had a direct share in erecting the Cathedral and in establishing the Bishop’s Fighting Fund.



This was a fine effort, rewarded by a good attendance. The children and their teachers are to be congratulated on the excellent result attained. In the course of the evening the Vicar paid a tribute to the magnificent work of Mr G. Hyde as teacher and superintendent over a period of nearly 20 years, and made a presentation to him. Ringing cheers from children and parents revealed the place Mr Hyde had won by his faithful service. In his reply. Mr Hyde spoke of the great joy and benefit the work has given to him, the vital need of spiritual training today, and paid a tribute to the great work of the other senior teachers.



The problem of refugees is one which is very much in the minds of Christian people and the recent Synod gave considerable attention to this matter. It was decided to set aside Sunday, 20th August, for the purpose of giving consideration to the problem and of praying for light and guidance. The appeal to make this special observance is one which should find a response from all Christians, and we hope to see crowded churches at all services that day.



The Bishop of Waiapu, at the recent conference of the C.E.M.S, said that there were two ways of looking at the members of the Church who were the Christian army. You could look out of the window and in imagination see them pass by and think that they were a fine body of people or anything else you liked about them, or you could look into a mirror and say, “There is one soldier of the Christian arm.” How do you think about the Church? It is meant to be God’s instrument for the creation of a better world. If your membership is not as real as it should be you are weakening spiritual forces.  Be a good soldier of Christ, never absent from parade at Church on any Sunday. You need God and God needs you.



Good progress is being made with the erection of the new Home. It is going to be a splendid building, ideal for the purpose, and a credit to our Church. The committee have had many meetings, especially the ladies’ committee and have given hours of time and thought to details of the building and furnishing. The results is going to be a Home where the boys, whose numbers will be doubled, will live under the best possible conditions. It is hoped, shortly, to fix the date for the official opening, when all interested will have an opportunity of inspecting the new building which we are trying to make one of the best of its kind in the Dominion.




30        Gary John Candy



9          David Henry Hope Cross

16        Mervyn Earl Hall

            Ernest Brian Hunt

23        Richard John Ninnes



July 19  Quentin Ormond Wilson and Beverley Anne Vallance




3        Hugh Douglas McIntosh

9        Susan Harrison

          Violet Annie Darragh Weston

14      John Taylforth

20      Dora Christina Fredrica Kummer



Clergy--The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096

        The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 18 Wrigley Street.  Telephone 1502

        Student-Assistant, Mr V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231

Churchwardens--Messrs R. E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes

Vestrymen--Messrs E. J. Coleman, E. Hale, W. L. Hunter, G. Hyde, A. O. Jones, C. R. Mabson, T. C. H. Miller, P. G. Ramsay, R. G. Russell and W. E. Vowell.

Lay Readers--Messrs F. H. Dunderdale, V. W. Joblin and J. F. Jaine

Organist--Mr A. Miller Hope

Choirmaster--Mr Wm. C. Mann

Synodsmen--Messrs A. O. Jones and P. G. Ramsay

Hon. Secretary--Mr A. O. Jones

Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street

Sec. Magazine--Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street

Verger--Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine St.

St. Matthew’s School for Girls--Principal, Mrs Max Cleghorn, B.A.

Hon. Treasurer--Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street



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