1939-07 (July)

JULY 1939




My dear Parishioners,

The call for active service for God and man rings out through the events of these troubled days. Humanity needs a new spirit. God alone can solve our problems and give us the help and guidance we need. But God has willed that we must act. He will not force a single soul. So it is with confirmation, God provides that great means of help, but we must come of our own free will if we want His blessing. Confirmation helps to equip us for the battle of life and opens the door to the greatest of all means of help. We want that equipment and that help. So I bid you come and prepare to take your stand for the Christian ideal, and put on “the whole armour of God.”

Parents and God parents have a great responsibility in this matter. They have made very sacred promises on behalf of the children. They must encourage and help them to come to confirmation.

Any adults who missed confirmation when they were young should know that it is never too late to take this step. Why should they deprive themselves of the spiritual food we all need?

Will you all pray for the splendid band now preparing for confirmation?

Your sincere friend and Vicar,




Considerable interest has been aroused in the proposed plan of appointing to the staff of this parish a Maori Deacon who, while sharing in the fellowship and work of the parish will minister to the Maoris of the Wairarapa.  The plan has received the unanimous approval of the Vestry and parishioners on every hand seem to have welcomed the scheme as a practical piece of mission work this parish can do. The authorities are convinced that the Maori Mission will benefit by this arrangement. The new clergyman will be licensed by our Bishop in the same way as the other members of the staff. There are many in this district who desire to help our Maori people, and such people will welcome this appointment and find through it a means to translate their desire into action.



We acknowledge with thanks a generous donation of £20 from a parishioner which has been allocated thus: Magazine fund, £1; ground improvements, £12 10/-; Parish Account, for deficiency, £6/10/-.

On Thursday, 8th June, the Ladies’ Guild held a happy and successful Gift Social in the Parish Hall. A bright programme was enjoyed greatly as was also an interesting address by Mrs. Max Cleghorn [principal of St Matthew’s Collegiate School], who spoke on schools she had visited abroad.

On Monday, 10th July, the Servers hold their quarterly meeting. The service in the chapel will be at 7.45 p.m., and afterwards the meeting takes place in the Vicarage. Mr N. J. Bennington will speak on early days of Church life in Masterton.

At its next social afternoon to be held in August, the Ladies’ Guild is holding a sugar-bag competition. Parishioners are invited to make for the Sale of Work any article they like out of a sugar bag. These will be on display and judged at the afternoon. We hope that many will enter for this interesting competition.

The contractor has made a splendid job of sealing the Church and Hall paths. The work was supervised by Mr C. R. Mabson. On every hand parishioners speak of the great improvement made by this work which was rendered possible by the splendid efforts of St. Matthew’s Ladies’ Guild.

We acknowledge with thanks Missionary Fellowship and box donations from Mesdames Morrison, Perry, Lamb, McKay, Wickham, Misses Morrison, K. Morrison, Booth, Maunsell, Vallance, R. Vallance, Persen; Mesdames Rishworth, Hosking, Mawley, Cruickshank, Bennett; Messrs R. Pinhey, G. Hyde, Rev. E. J. Rich; Mesdames Welch, Judd, Hope;  Misses Francis, Robins, Whitehouse, Rockel; Mesdames Maughan, Andrew, Creed, Francis.

The Junior Bible Class goes ahead with leaps and bounds. Last Sunday every inch of floor space in the Chapel was taken up with extra seats and even so some had to remain in the entrance. It is splendid to see such attendances. The Senior Bible Class is a happy band and meets on Mondays at 7 p.m., but we wish more would link up with it.

The annual meeting of the Diocesan Synod opens in Wellington on Tuesday, 18th July, and will probably not finish its business until the following week.

The date fixed for the confirmation service--Sunday, October 22nd--is a month later than first arranged. However, this will give all the more time to hold classes for everybody. We are happy to know that the Bishop of Nelson will conduct the service. There are many who have happy memories of Bishop Hilliard’s visit to Masterton some years ago.



In spite of heavy rain, there was an excellent attendance at the social afternoon on Tuesday, 13th June. A splendid programme was presented, and the Vicar gave a talk on “The Jewish Problem.”  Afternoon tea was served by Guild members.

At the annual meeting of members of the Church of Epiphany a good committee was elected and the work of the past year reviewed. Satisfaction was expressed at the progress made, and we look forward to another happy and successful year.

The Young People’s Social Club will be meeting in the Epiphany Hall on Monday, 17th July, at 7.30 p.m.  All interested are invited.



On Wednesday, 12th July, at 8 p.m., in the Parish Hall, the children of St. Matthew’s Sunday School present their annual concert. This is always a bright and happy occasion and the children are working hard at their rehearsals, so as to maintain the splendid reputation gained in previous years. We hope that the usual crowded hall will greet the children. The teachers will feel well rewarded if parents and friends are present in full force at this annual concert. Admission is one shilling, with children sixpence, and the proceeds are for Sunday School funds.



Anon, 6/-; Mrs Geange, 5/-; Mesdames I. Allen, E. Yalden, 3/- each; Mesdames Jackson, Friend, 2/6 each; Mrs Polson, 2/-.



An informative and interesting address on early days in Church and community life in Masterton, given by Mr N. J. Bennington, made the June meeting a memorable one. The accounts of service and sacrifice in the early days was indeed an inspiration. All hope that Mr Bennington will continue his account at a later meeting. The branch was well represented at the Diocesan Conference, and we shall look forward to getting a full account of that. The next meeting of our branch will be held in the Common Room on Monday, 3rd July, at 7.45 p.m., when the Rev. T. V. Pearson will speak on some vital matters dealt with at the recent Clergy School. All men are invited to be present.



The results so far attained show that parishioners are determined to meet the difficulty that has arisen owing to the fall in the endowment. Practically half the amount has been provided in a few weeks. Will you help to remove all fear of a deficit?

All who can are asked to give an annual donation or subscription. Please do not wait to be asked, but just notify the hon. treasurer, Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Masterton, that you will join the band of subscribers.

But perhaps you would prefer to give your help regularly each week. The envelope system is just the thing for that. Just notify Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street, Masterton, that you will give so much each week and he will send you a supply of envelopes, one for each Sunday.

We have been cheered tremendously by the response already made. The threatened deficit, as explained last month, was quite unexpected and beyond the Vestry’s control. If all will act now, then before the month is over this hurdle will have been surmounted as many worse ones have been in the past.



This is always one of the great events of the parish year. The Club has a glorious record of successful concerts and has attained a very high standard indeed. This year, the Club, under the direction of Mrs E .J. Rich, will be presenting three bright comedies together with other items. A really happy evening’s entertainment is assured. The concert will be held in the Parish Hall on Wednesday, 2nd August, at 8 p.m.  Please keep that date free and give the girls the usual packed hall. The charge for admission is 1/6 for adults and 9d for children.



It is not too late to join the Junior Classes which meet at St Matthew’s and Kuripuni at 4 p.m., and at Upper Plain at 2 p.m. on Sundays. Candidates should be not less than 14 years of age. Special classes will be held later for adults. A good number have already handed in their names. We invite any others to make the same decision. The Vicar wil be glad to make arrangements for any country candidates. No one must miss confirmation on account of distance from town.



Christian people in every land are asked to observe Sunday, 9th July, as a day of special prayer for troubled and stricken areas in the Far East [Japan and China were at war]. This invitation is one that is not likely to fall on deaf ears. Special prayers will be offered at all services. Prayer is a mighty power. Let us not withhold from distressed humanity this power we can offer.  This call to prayer should find a response in every Christian heart. May all in every part of the parish join in these special services.



Synod this month marks the end of the first year of the Centenary campaign. A great start has been made. After Synod, the second year’s effort must begin. Those who are spreading their help over five years are asked to send in their first contribution this month before the first year ends. It is desired that the Cathedral be the gift of all who care for spiritual realities. All Christians are asked to play their part. The full position of the first year’s effort will be made plain at Synod and there will be a meeting of Bishop’s helpers in the Common Room after evensong on Sunday, 6th August, to hear the decisions of Synod, and to start the second year’s effort in the parish.




3          Coleen Ann Newland

10        Olive Ann Thomas

18        Elizabeth Doris Denny

22        Josephine Ann Burling

23        Rex Alexander Olliver

25        Pamela Kate Smith

            Mary Margretha Mills



3          Harold Arthur Whiteman and Moira Stoddard Elkins

8          Charles Geoffrey Jamieson Cunningham and Joan Desormeaux Lucas

24        William George Whiteman and Edna Rachel Hubbard

24        Wilfred Scott Thompson and Emily Bertha Thorne.



3          Taiwhaio Tihawenga Te Tau

20        Eric William Renner



Clergy--The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096

        The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 18 Wrigley Street.  Telephone 1502

        Student-Assistant, Mr V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231

Churchwardens--Messrs R. E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes

Vestrymen--Messrs E. J. Coleman, E. Hale, W. L. Hunter, G. Hyde, A. O. Jones, C. R. Mabson, T. C. H. Miller, P. G. Ramsay, R. G. Russell and W. E. Vowell.

Lay Readers--Messrs F. H. Dunderdale, V. W. Joblin and J. F. Jaine

Organist--Mr A. Miller Hope

Choirmaster--Mr Wm. C. Mann

Synodsmen--Messrs A. O. Jones and P. G. Ramsay

Hon. Secretary--Mr A. O. Jones

Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street

Sec. Magazine--Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street

Verger--Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine St.

St. Matthew’s School for Girls--Principal, Mrs Max Cleghorn, B.A.

Hon. Treasurer--Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street




Included as an enclosure with the July 1939 issue of the parish magazine was a copy of the Rev. E. J. Rich’s sermon - “Concerning the Collection,” preached on 11 June 1939, together with forms for parishioners to make either an annual subscription or join the envelope giving scheme.


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