1939-06 (June)

JUNE 1939


Old members of the Girls’ Club desiring to promote fellowship and to continue their record of splendid service have banded themselves together in a new organisation called St. Matthew’s Fireside Circle. We welcome the Circle to our parish family life. Members meet on Monday evenings in the Common Room. There they talk over matters of interest, do sewing work and spend a happy evening together finishing with supper.  Plans for future work are under discussion. Judging by the spirit manifest at the first meeting for the year on Monday, 29th June, members are going to play an active part in the life of our parish. The Circle would welcome new members and extends a cordial invitation to all interested to be present at the next meeting in the Common Room, which will be held on Monday, 19th June, at 7.45 p.m.



My Dear Parishioners,

With Trinity Sunday we enter the second half of the Christian year. It should be a period of spiritual growth for us as individuals and as members of the Church. We have thought of great events in our Lord’s Life, now the time has come to consider how far we are following His example. In this connection two things stand out, mainly, prayer and service. The Church is God’s instrument for building up character both individual and national. We are failing Christ if we do not share in public worship. That must come first for all who are really trying to follow Christ’s example. Then, and not till then, can we go out to render service of lasting value. Opportunities of service abound during the winter months. The various parish organisations are hard at work. Will you help them in every way you can?  By prayer and service we can create the conditions which will result in a better world.

Your sincere friend and Vicar,




Lady parishioners know that the social afternoons organised by the Ladies’ Guild are always very happy functions and not the least memorable is the annual gift afternoon. This has been fixed for Thursday, 8th June, at 2.45 p.m, in the Parish Hall. An attractive programme has been arranged and ladies are asked to come and bring their friends and so help the great work the Guild is doing. Admission is by a gift such as material the Guild can make up for its sale of work. Here is an opportunity for practical service as well as for a very happy afternoon. The speaker for the day will be Mrs. Max Cleghorn [Principal of St. Matthew’s Collegiate School].



This popular parish organisation holds its first meeting for the new season in the Common Room on Tuesday, 6th June, at 7.30 p.m.  The Club has rendered great service and is a very happy institution. Girls from 16 years onwards may join. The Club’s annual concert is one of the events of the year and besides that the weekly meetings on Tuesdays are enjoyed by all. We wish the Club the usual happy and successful season.



The annual Bible Class dance for members and their friends is being arranged for Saturday, 1st July, at 8 p.m., in the Parish Hall.

On Thursdays, at 7.45 p.m., there is held a bridge evening in the Common Room. These are proving very successful, and are open to all. Proceeds are in aid of Scout and Guild funds.

The Ladies’ Guild meets regularly each Thursday at 2.30 p.m., in the Common Room. Ladies are invited to link up with this, their own parish organisation, and have an active share in the great work our Guild is doing.



That important annual event, the annual general meeting of members of the Church of the Epiphany will be held in the Epiphany Hall on Thursday, 8th June, at 8 p.m. We hope that all who can will come and help us have a good meeting.

A Young People’s Social Club has been formed at Kuripuni and has already begun work. It is hoped to arrange a series of socials through the winter months.  All young men and women of the Epiphany Church are invited to join.

The Kuripuni Ladies’ Guild invite lady parishioners and their friends to their first social afternoon, to be held in the Epiphany Hall on Tuesday, 13th June, at 2.45 p.m. The Epiphany Guild socials are always splendidly happy and successful functions. All are invited to come and make this one of the best yet held.



As the date of the centenary draws nearer there is need for the help of all in reaching our goal. If, as is hoped, the Duke of Kent is to lay the foundation stone of the Cathedral next year, preparation of the site will have to be made. It is a great task to which we are called and help given now is going to make it possible. Will you then, please notify your Bishop’s Helper, or the hon. secretary, Mr A. Owen Jones, 113 Essex Street, of what you can do or promise as your share in this great enterprise for God?



The world situation renders more urgent this vital part of Christian work. It is a glorious thing to have a share in spreading the Gospel Message throughout the world. Opportunities for advance abound, but the work depends upon our support. This parish is asked to raise £140, plus 12 per cent., as its quote for the year which ends this month. At the moment we are far short of that sum. We ask all members of the Missionary Fellowship and box-holders to have their contributions in by 20th June. Others who do not help in these ways are asked to make a special donation for missions by that date. Last year we sent in £140 1s 7d. Will we try to send more for this great work by the end of this month?



In these days we want to know all we can about the Bible and God’s Message for our day. That is the main purpose of this class, which will hold its first meeting for the new season on Monday, 12th June, at 7 p.m., in the Common Room. All young men and women interested are invited to be present. The class can be a great help. The fellowship, too, is very real.



This month we get back to our usual Sundays for these services. Sometimes in the winter months it demands an extra effort to attend, but surely it is well worth while. Services are held at --

Taueru on the first Sunday at 2.30 p.m., and the third Sunday at 10 a.m.;

at Upper Plain on the second Sunday at 7 p.m. and the fourth Sunday at 9 a.m.;

at Rangitumau at 1.45 p.m. and at Kopuaranga at 2.45 p.m. on the third Sunday;

at Bideford on the second Sunday at 2.30 p.m.;

at Kopuaranga, at 11 a.m. and Brancepeth at 3 p.m. on the fifth Sunday.



Mrs Moss, 3s 6d; Mrs H. C. Robinson, Mrs Engstrom, 3s; Mrs J. Laing, Mrs Trimble, 2s 6d; Mrs G. Olliver, 2s; Mrs T. Beetham, 3s.



The Dominion Conference of the Society was held at New Plymouth in May, and proved a splendidly successful and inspiring gathering. A report will be available in due course. The Society is growing and is really playing an increasingly effective part in the life of our Church and country.  Men who value fellowship and service will find in the C.E.M.S. a stimulus and inspiration which will help them all the time. All men are invited to the next meeting of our branch, which will be held in the Common Room of the Parish Hall on Monday, 12th June, at 7.45 p.m.  Mr N. J. Bennington will be the speaker.  He will deal with early days in the life of our Church and town. We look forward to a most interesting and useful evening.



We are very grateful to those who from time to time give a donation so that this little paper may go each month to all Church of England families in the parish. Last year donations freely given were within a few pounds of the actual cost. We should like to see the Magazine self-supporting and hope that all able to do so will make a small donation to cover the cost. That would be a help just now.



At the last meeting, the Vestry was notified of a considerable reduction in the amount of money to be received from endowment this year. After taking this into account and allowing for no more than urgent necessary expenditure, the Vestry was faced with a prospective deficit of £65 on the present year’s working. This was a shock, but it did not dismay members too much. Parishioners have shown very conclusively that the Church’s work is near their hearts. What is needed is to increase the ordinary revenue by at least £100 a year so as to cover the deficit and provide a small margin for contingencies which may arise. The Vestry suggest two methods and have set up a committee to act in the matter. First of all, we want all who can to join the ranks of the annual subscribers and give an annual donation. Those who are unable to do that are asked to make their contribution weekly. In those two ways the needs of the parish can quickly be met. Will you act now and not wait to be asked? That would be a great encouragement to your Vestry.  Annual subscribers are asked to write to the hon. treasurer, Mr. H. A. R. Dunderdale, Masterton, and envelope subscribers to the Envelope Secretary, Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street, Masterton.

Parishioners, we know, will want to remedy this position which has arisen. It would be disastrous to curtail our activities. Christian forces must advance to meet human needs. All who love their Church are asked to join in the services on Sunday, 11th June, when this whole matter will be made the subject of special prayer. With God’s help we shall surmount this new hurdle as we have surmounted much large ones in the past.



Just six months ago the Vestry launched this campaign with very happy results. The number of Communicants has increased and the average attendance at other services has improved. Now that we enter on the second half of the campaign, we want the help of everybody. Christian forces alone can save the world. They must be strong, Public worship sets free spiritual power. Sometimes attendance at church during the winter months requires a greater effort but if all will think of the goal to be reached that effort will be made. Generally, June and July are the worst months of the year. Let us try this year to make them the best.

The great and moving words of our King in his recent Empire broadcast, pointed out how the crisis of our day resulted from a moving away of the nations from the Christian ideal. His words are true. For a generation the world can live on the spiritual capital of its forefathers, but now that capital is exhausted. God has given us His Church as that instrument for the creation of spiritual power. A return to God will manifest itself in crowded churches.




30        Robert Roy Gravestock


7          Alison Margaret Gully

19        Helen Marjory Read

20        Jane Ann Lamont

27        Marjorie Louise Loader




8        William Ball and Nita Louise Ingley




10        Walter Simpson

11        Rosina Warner Harding




Clergy--The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096

        The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 18 Wrigley Street.  Telephone 1502

        Student-Assistant, Mr V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231

Churchwardens--Messrs R. E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes

Vestrymen--Messrs E. J. Coleman, E. Hale, W. L. Hunter, G. Hyde, A. O. Jones, C. R. Mabson, T. C. H. Miller, P. G. Ramsay, R. G. Russell and W. E. Vowell.

Lay Readers--Messrs F. H. Dunderdale, V. W. Joblin and J. F. Jaine

Organist--Mr A. Miller Hope

Choirmaster--Mr Wm. C. Mann

Synodsmen--Messrs A. O. Jones and P. G. Ramsay

Hon. Secretary--Mr A. O. Jones

Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street

Sec. Magazine--Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street

Verger--Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine St.

St. Matthew’s School for Girls--Principal, Mrs Max Cleghorn, B.A.

Hon. Treasurer--Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street


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