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This Collegiate School for Girls resumes for the year on Tuesday, 7th February. A large number of boarders have been enrolled, more even than last year. The School has won a great place for itself. It aims at giving a complete education--spiritual, mental, physical. Girls are admitted as boarders or day girls and the School classes range from primary to post-matriculation. In December six pupils sat for matriculation. The results just announced reveal 100 per cent of passes--a remarkable record. The Principal will be glad to give parents particulars of the splendid facilities offered. An illustrated prospectus may be obtained from Mr H.M. Boddington, Box 7, Masterton.



My Dear Parishioners,

Here is another year of opportunity God has given us. The world outlook is not as bright as one would wish, but God has the solution of all our problems. The Church has a great work to do--it is the instrument God wants to use to give the world the things needed for its peace.  But the Church is just another name for you and me. So God wants to use us. He wants us on Sundays to get the inspiration to carry His principles into action. Apart from God we can do nothing. Here in this district the Church is growing. We have had some wonderful services during the last year. Will you help to make 1939 a yet greater year?

Your sincere friend and Vicar




The Sunday School prize giving functions at the end of last year were very happy occasions. The singing by the children was delightful, and parents and friends were present in large numbers.

All our churches were decorated beautifully for Christmas. There were 450 Communicants that morning--a record for any Christmas here, and an increase of 84 over last year’s figures. It was a very happy and encouraging day for us all.

Our Christmas preparations were helped very considerably by our Choir. In December they gave us a very beautiful musical service and the singing of old and new carols was appreciated by all.

Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February, the Holy Communion will be celebrated at St Matthew’s each Wednesday in Lent at 7 a.m., and each Thursday at 10.30 a.m.

All parishioners in the Bideford district are asked to make a special effort to be present at the service in Bideford Church on Sunday, 12th February, at 2.30 p.m.

Choir members held a happy social evening in honour of Miss A. Shelton, a faithful choir member and Church worker. A presentation was made to her with the good wishes of all at St. Matthew’s for her happiness in her new work and home.

Many parishioners give practical evidence of their desire to help the Church by making an annual subscription. As we near the end of the financial year we look for this help and hope that many will do what they can and so help us meet all our expenses, which have been heavy this year, and maintain our position of a parish free of debt.



Many will be glad to know that it is now possible to restore the second monthly celebration of the Holy Communion. In future there will be Holy Communion on the second and fourth Sundays of the month at 9 a.m.

Important dates this month are: 5th February, Sunday School resumes at 2 p.m.; 19th February, physical fitness campaign service; 23rd February, Thursday, Lent lantern services begin at 7.30 p.m.

The interior of the church has always been so beautifully cared for, has been further improved by a special treatment to the floor. Another great improvement is the sealing of the paths.

At evensong during the Sundays of Lent at the Church of the Epiphany, the Rev. T. V. Pearson will give a series of addresses on “Some Thoughts on the Creed.” The main articles of belief will be dealt with, such as, “I believe in God,” “I believe in Jesus Christ,” I believe in the Holy Ghost,” “the Holy Catholic Church,” “The Forgiveness of Sins.” It is intended to bring the series to a conclusion on Palm Sunday with a summary dealing with “The Meaning of Holy Week.”



This important annual function will, we hope, be held on Saturday, 25th February, at 2.30 p.m., in the beautiful grounds of Te Kowhai, The Terrace, Lansdowne, kindly placed at our disposal by Mrs. Jackson. On Thursday, 9th February, at 2.30 p.m., a meeting will be held in the Parish Hall to make arrangements. We hope for a good Garden Party, as the proceeds are to be devoted to carrying out most necessary work to the paths between the Church and Hall.



The junior classes will resume for the year in the Chapel of St Matthew’s at 10 a.m. on Sunday, 5th February. Last year we set a new record for Bible Class membership in the Parish. Can we do even better this year? Those who have passed Sunday School age will find real help from the studies taken. We cannot know too much about the Bible and its Message for our day and circumstances. The Class fellowship, too, is very real and helpful.



How can we know God? That is a very practical question today. Plainly everything is not right with this world of ours. Yet some have found the solution to life’s problems. God has become a great reality to them. That glorious experience is meant for all. On the Sunday evenings of Lent at St. Matthew’s, the Vicar hopes to preach a course of sermons dealing with this vital matter. Yes, we can know God, if we are willing to fulfil the conditions.



We are going to make this year a great one in our history. We are refusing to dull our consciences by humbug and hypocritical excuses. As Christians we are fitting ourselves to help humanity and do our share in moral rearmament essential to our world’s salvation. The Church is the spiritual power-house, where the help we need can be obtained, so we aim at setting free the spiritual power crowded churches alone can give. Now is the time to act.  All are asked to come to Church every Sunday.  The response so far in our campaign has been great - the record figures for Christmas are evidence of that - but God wants everybody. There is so much at stake, we must not fail. Come, then, and help us.



On the evening of Wednesday, 14th December, one of the faithful pioneers of this district and a great friend of the Church of the Epiphany, Mr Joseph Iorns, passed to his rest, leaving behind him the memory of a life of devoted service. Masterton owes much to the solid foundation laid by its pioneers. We thank God for all his work and extend sympathy to his relatives.



Children have a right to be taught the Faith which is the secret of our Empire’s greatness. They will have problems and difficulties to face and they need a rich spiritual foundation on which to build. Parents and guardians are urged to do their part. We want to see a full attendance of children on Sunday, 5th February, when all the Parish Sunday Schools will resume for the year. We hope that nothing will be allowed to interfere with the punctual and regular attendance of the children throughout the year. Sunday Schools meet as follows:


Kindergarten - Scout Den, 10 a.m.

St. Matthew’s - Parish Hall, 10 a.m.

Lansdowne - Public School, 9.30 a.m.

Upper Plain - Church-room, 10 a.m.

Kuripuni - Epiphany Hall, 2 p.m.

Taueru - St. Alban’s, 2 p.m.



Beginning on Ash Wednesday, 22nd February, there will be a devotional missionary service with address at 7.30 p.m. on Wednesdays in St. Matthew’s Church. These special services can be a tremendous help. There are some who look forward to them year by year. Many have found in them a more vital contact with God. The main subject at these services this Lent will be, “The Example of Jesus.”  Let us see how He faced the problems of life and how He acted in the relationships and activities common to all humanity. The example of Jesus, we shall find, is a searching one - more than lip-service is demanded of those who try to follow it.



The children will want to have their share in the special Lent services. Experience has proved that one of the best ways of teaching them the Bible is by means of lantern pictures. So each week of Lent there will be a lantern service for the children, and, of course, for any adults who care to come.  We have some splendid pictures for this year.  Attendance cards and stamps will be given out at the first service. Try, children, to get your card complete by not missing a single evening. The lantern services will be held in the Parish Hall each Friday beginning on 24th February, at Kuripuni each Thursday, beginning on 23rd February; and at Upper Plain each Tuesday, beginning on 21st February. These lantern services will begin at 7.30 p.m.



That is the familiar name of a society that is very much alive. The men of the Parish have a great part to play in these great days, but experience has shown that to be united in a great enterprise gives power and fellowship which make all the difference. The first meeting for the year will be held on Monday, 6th February, at 7.45 p.m., in the Parish Hall.  Come and share our happy fellowship, help us in our discussion about the work of another year. There are about 40 of us in the branch. We have got something worthwhile, and we want all men to share in it.  The subject for our first meeting for 1939 is the very practical one of how men can help to supply the spiritual power needed by the whole world.



Those responsible for the physical fitness campaign have asked that special services be held on Sunday, 19th February, throughout New Zealand. This campaign has a wide scope and aims at promoting the well-being of the people. Certainly the Church must play its part. At 11 a.m., at St Matthew’s, on that Sunday, members of all sport, youth and recreational clubs and organisations are invited to join in a special sports service. At 7 p.m., fathers are invited to attend with their sons, and mothers with their daughters at a family service when our thoughts will centre round the whole question of national well-being and the future of our race.




3        Jane Elsie White

4        Neville Gibson Parsonson

6        Evan Danold Williams

        Beverley Allison Henson

9        Margaret Ruth Hardie

13        Nola Maureen Page

        Marie Kathleen Bennett

        Peter Robert Bell

19        Peter Hume Henderson

27        Thomas Pratt Hancock

David Wesney

Helen Margaret Wesney

29        Stanley Green



11        Stanley Charles Dillon Weston

27        Richard John Douglas Hopkins

30        Wendy Ann Cunningham

Coleen Anne Sutherland



4        Stanley William Robert Hawkless

8        Judith Anne Sim




26        Frank William Sephton Rogers and Irene May Yaxley

30        William Digby Innes and Laura Jean Bellis



3        Murray Court Finlayson and Beatrice Joyce Palamontain

16        Robert Cecil Cooper and Jessica Sommerville Scott

20        Ernest Mervyn Mills and Isabella Lilian Stidolph

26        Willie Winhall and Amy Helen Catherine Bridge

28        Ronald Mervyn Williams and Doris Annie Harrap.



2        James Denniston Lochore and Alma Joyce Wyeth

11        Norrie Frank Marshall and Berna Caroline Mary Stimpson




7        Philip Henry Charles Halfyard

23        Peter Hulme Henderson



1        Mary Dawson

10        Ellen Matilda Dew

16        Joseph Irons

29        Nora Caroline Thompson



4        Annie Mary Kjar

9        James Thomas Hills

10        Douglas Walter Jago.



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