1939-03 (March)

MARCH 1940



My dear Parishioners,

The attendance at the special Lent services so far have been splendid. People realise the need for greater effort and deeper sincerity. It is not enough to plead for a better and more universal following of the way of Christ unless we are prepared to show our sincerity by our faithfulness to prayer and services. It is not easy to make exact comparisons but probably the attendances this Lent both on Sundays and week-days have been greater than ever before. But we want all to share in these services. Will you help to make the last few weeks of Lent even more memorable than those already past?

I am very grateful to members of the Ladies’ Guild for their kindness in arranging such a happy morning tea-party on my birthday to mark my appointment as Archdeacon. It was good of you all. Thank you, too, for the graduate’s gown[1]. It will remind me always of your goodwill and kindness as well as of a very happy morning.

Your sincere friend and Vicar




There was a good attendance at the February meeting when a great talk on “The Church and the Family” was given by Mr J. F. Jaine. A good discussion followed. Three new members were elected to membership. For the March meeting on Monday, 4th March, the Society is joining in a special Parish Social. The Ladies’ Guild, Choir, and Sunday School Teachers are all sharing in this occasion, to which all parishioners are invited.



These are being held at Upper Plain on Tuesdays, on Kuripuni on Thursdays, and in the Parish Hall on Fridays at 7.30 p.m. There have been good attendances, but the pictures present the Bible Message so splendidly that no child should be allowed to miss them. We are glad to see parents come with the children. So far each week the attendance has grown. Lent will soon be over, so do not let the opportunity slip by.



Every Wednesday during Lent there is a celebration of the Holy Communion at 7 a.m., and a devotional mission service at 7.30 p.m.  On Thursdays there is a celebration at 10.30 a.m.

Palm Sunday is always a great day at St. Matthew’s. The annual children’s Procession of Palms will take place at 11 a.m., and at 7 p.m., the Choir will render Stainer’s “The Crucifixion.”  The annual renewal service for the C.E.M.S. is held throughout New Zealand on Palm Sunday, and we shall share in that. Altogether, Palm Sunday, 17th March, should be an inspiring day for us all.

By the kindness of Mrs Major, a happy treat was given the children of Upper Plain Sunday School on Saturday, 24th February, at her home.

All the Sunday Schools of this parish have made an excellent start for another year. It looks as if previous records of rolls will be surpassed this year. Particularly pleasing is the fact that many new teachers have offered their services. It is splendid to know that many are willing to give of their time to help such work. The Junior Bible Class, too, is again filling the Chapel to overflowing.

A new departure this year is the holding of a Harvest Festival service at Upper Plain. With the help of all parishioners in that area this should be a happy occasion. The service will be conducted by the Rev. V. W. Joblin on Sunday, 10th March, at 7 p.m.



The lantern services on Thursdays, at 7.30 p.m. in the Epiphany Hall are being well attended. Let us make the final services this month better still.

The Sunday School has made a good start. The teachers are active in making the teaching attractive and effective. It is hoped to arrange a treat for the children after Easter.



On this sacred day, all Christians will want to watch with Christ, spending as much time as they can in God’s Church.

At St. Matthew’s there will be a Litany and Ante-Communion service at 8 a.m., Matins and Sermon will be at 10 a.m., and from 12 (noon) to 3 p.m. the Three Hours’ service will be held.  This service can be one of the most wonderful in the whole year. All who can, are asked to stay for the whole period, but when that is not possible, parishioners should feel free to come and go during the singing of the hymns. The service this year will be conducted by our Bishop, and we are grateful to him for consenting to come and help us in this service.



The happy festival of the Resurrection finds our churches crowded with thankful worshippers. The Resurrection is something which touches every life and has in fact transformed the world. We hardly need the injunction that on this great day all communicants are required to make their Communion. There will be celebrations of the Holy Communion in

St Matthew’s Church at 6 a.m., 7 a.m., 8 a.m., and 11 a.m. There will be a happy service for the children at 10 a.m., and Evensong at 7 p.m.

There will be celebrations at

Upper Plain at 9.15 a.m., and 
at Taueru at 10.30 a.m.

Anybody unable on account of sickness to make their communion in Church on Easter Day are asked to notify the Vicar so that arrangements may be made for them to receive the Sacrament privately.

We shall be glad of gifts of flowers, etc., for the Easter decorations before 2.30 p.m., on Saturday, 23rd March, at which hour we shall be glad of many helpers to join in decorating the Church.



Mrs Billington, £1; Mesdames Cox, H. L. Jones, Norris, Ashworth, each 5/-; Mrs Winhall, 4/6; Mesdames Gray, J. Crew, R. E. Jones, Keilberg, Miss Fannin, Mr J. Snell, 3/6 each; Mesdames K. Barlow, A. J. Welch, Miss W. Nicholls each 3/-; Mrs Pinkerton, Mrs Hope, Mrs Latimer, each 2/6; Mrs E. Richards, 2/-.



Masterton’s week for the Centennial celebrations begins on Sunday, 10th March. A great united public service in the Masterton Park at 3 p.m. that day will make a splendid start for the week’s celebrations.  The services at our churches that day will, of course, have reference to this important Masterton celebration. We here have a goodly heritage for which to thank God and we shall want too to seek God’s guidance and strength for the new century. It is good that our citizens have asked the churches to open this great week in the history of our town and district. Let us see to it that every service is crowded.



The week beginning Wednesday, 28th February, is the week set apart for the annual self-denial appeal for this fine Home. There are now 27 boys in the Home as against 14 last year. Unfortunately applications for admission to the Society’s Homes are increasing by leaps and bounds. The last three months have seen more applications than are usually received in a year. Collectors will call for the envelopes. Masterton has a great record for giving help to this Home, and in spite of everything we must see that the boys are cared for and given their chance in life.



The annual services of thanksgiving for the blessings of the harvest will be held in St Matthew’s and the Church of the Epiphany on Sunday, 31st March. This is always an inspiring and happy festival. On the Saturday before the festival we shall be glad of gifts of fruit, vegetables and other produce, and of help in arranging the Church. The harvest gifts will, after the services, be given to Sedgley Home.



Many of our parishioners help their Church by giving an annual donation or subscription. Without this help we could not maintain all our activities. There is greater need than ever for Christian effort now. The increase in the staff of the parish has rendered our work more effective. The financial year ends on 31st March, and we want to end up this year once again free of debt. All subscribers are asked to send in their donations to the treasurer before 31st March, and we hope that this year new subscribers will be added to the list.



Memorable services marked February 11th, when we prayed as a Diocese for God’s help and guidance in this time of war. The offerings were given to the fund for our Church’s work among the soldiers and amounted to £64 17s 5d from this Parish. A letter received from a Masterton soldier pays magnificent tribute to the work of one of our huts and how it is used and appreciated. Such letters make us feel that we must do everything possible to ensure that the work of our Church is carried out among all our men wherever they may be.




Mrs Hatch


Mrs Hatch




Mrs Aikman


Miss E. Rutherford


Miss Henderson


Misses Kummer


Miss Coleman and Miss Hopkins


Mrs Garland


Mrs Aikman


Miss C. Maunsell


Misses Kummer





Allan Donald McMaster


Sally Rae Manson



Mary Evelyn Parker


Jonathan Henry Bunny


Judith Ann Malmo


Jennifer Anne Allsop


Jillian Margaret Fleming





Archibald Frederick Hubbard and Nancy Warner Loader


Ronald Thomas Graham and Ethel Pearl Maughan


William Thomas Lowes Hedley and Bessie Iddenden Caldwell


Robert Aikman Ewing and Nora Olive Welch



Herbert James Henderson and Lucy Betty Welch


Allan Davenport Crookenden and Florence Betty Coleman


Ernest Roy Parnell and Alma Sylvian Long


John Howard Duffy and Elizabeth Margreta Percy


Earl Leonard Grantham and Mavis Gwendoline Harrington


John Francis Polston and Bernice Eileen Tidesley



Ivan James Hills and Alice Eleanor Edge


Henry Seddon Carmichael and Margaret Phyllis Cook


George Witherman McCullough and Noel Marjory Bell



Herbert Coleman Stewart and Edith Stella Angrove


Norman William Trevor Beetham and Jocelyn May Betts


Clifford Joseph Bamber Chapman and Mabel Joan Dohut


Alan Edward Claxten Chapman and Edna Huttenberg


Colin Algie Sheet and Mavis Margaret Kilminster




Clergy--The Rev. E. J. Rich (Vicar), Church Street, Telephone 1096

        The Rev. T. V. Pearson, 18 Wrigley Street.  Telephone 1502

        Student-Assistant, Mr V. W. Joblin, 31 Worksop Road. Telephone 2231

Churchwardens--Messrs R. E. Maunsell and J. Ninnes

Vestrymen--Messrs E. J. Coleman, E. Hale, W. L. Hunter, G. Hyde, A. O. Jones, C. R. Mabson, T. C. H. Miller, P. G. Ramsay, R. G. Russell and W. E. Vowell.

Lay Readers--Messrs F. H. Dunderdale, V. W. Joblin and J. F. Jaine

Organist--Mr A. Miller Hope

Choirmaster--Mr Wm. C. Mann

Synodsmen--Messrs A. O. Jones and P. G. Ramsay

Hon. Secretary--Mr A. O. Jones

Sec. of Envelope System of Giving--Mr V. H. Heath, 183 Dixon Street

Sec. Magazine--Miss R. Robinson, 66 Essex Street

Verger--Mr G. F. Knapp, 79 Pine St.

St. Matthew’s School for Girls--Principal, Mrs Max Cleghorn, B.A.

Hon. Treasurer--Mr H. A. R. Dunderdale, Perry Street



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St Matthew’s Anglican Church, Masterton, Parish Magazine--1940-03 (March) -

[1] According to the Blain Biographical Dictionary of Clergy of the South Pacific, E. J. Rich graduated with a B.A. from the University of New Zealand in 1940.  

From 1912-1915 E. J. Rich studied at St John’s Theological College, Auckland, where he graduated with a LTh (Licentiate in Theology), first class Board Theological Studies.